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Using the Renaissance for Interior Design Inspiration

Interior designers are always looking for design inspiration in different places.

They get ideas from nature, sports, shapes, and science. One great place to find inspiration is to dip into history and look at the Renaissance period.

The Renaissance was a period between the 14th and 16th centuries where human expression was reborn. There were new ideas, discoveries, and evolution in aspects of human life. These include the arts, music, architecture, religion, science, and literature.

During this era, architects, sculptors, and painters had revolutionary ideas. This shift changed how homes and buildings looked on the inside and outside. Designers were able to create beauty by making perfect proportions. Later on, there was a focus on complex and sophisticated works.

With all this in mind, read on to learn how to upgrade your interior design by channeling the Renaissance.

Using the Renaissance for Interior Design Inspiration

The Renaissance period can provide design inspiration in various ways. Here are some examples:

Choose Classical Paintings

Great painters like Leonardo da Vinci created memorable works of art such as the Mona Lisa.

Most people cannot afford these old paintings. Thus, interior designers can use replica paintings to improve a living room. They can also use large paintings as statement pieces in the hallway.

Decorated Walls

Homes in the Renaissance period had patterns and motifs on the walls.

In line with the era, the patterns had to have proportion or balance. To replicate this look, an interior designer can use patterned wallpapers. In the modern era, it is easy to create different wallpaper prints to suit the style of the room.

Take care to use wallpaper that will be in harmony with the painting you will choose.

Another technique would be to use frescos. These are watercolor paintings done on wet plaster walls. When the wall dries, the color becomes permanent. Depending on your style or color scheme, you can apply this technique to great effect.

Incorporating Ornate Floors

One great element of the Renaissance was using patterned tiled floors. The intricate patterns of the tile floors enhance the room’s style. They also complement the furniture.

Second, interior designers can use different patterned floors for different rooms. Nowadays, these floors are popular in bathrooms and toilets. They turn these rooms from looking ordinary to beautiful.

Use Stylish Lighting

Interior designers can transform a room with the type of lighting they use. In the old days, beautiful rooms had chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Use this design inspiration to create a look of royalty.

Lighting creates the right ambiance in a room. The designer can set the mood using different types of lights; from bright, dim, to candlelight. Candlestick holders can be custom-made into design centerpieces.

Get Antique and Retro Furniture

Antique and retro furniture brings character to a room. The furniture used in the Renaissance had intricate styling and designs. They also made use of silk, which looks luxurious in any room. Velvet was another feature of the furniture at the time.

Even prime ministers and presidents ask for furniture used by former leaders. It’s the same idea. Antique and retro furniture gives a room a stately appearance.

Consult the Experts

As the saying goes, “Old is gold”. Searching for different ideas for design inspiration is difficult. It is better to find a company that provides custom and innovative solutions.

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