5 Excellent Laser Cutting Uses For Interior Design

Architects, being artistic as they are, rely on a set of tools to help them bring their creative imagination to life. If you are an architect, you then know that things start with powerful 3D modelling software like AutoCAD, Sketchup, ArchiCAD and others (especially now, as the architectural illustration is having a huge comeback!), and then transfer into the actual model-making using laser cutting.

Here are a few reasons why architects all over the world are in love with laser cutting:

Offers a countless choice of materials

Due to the flexibility of laser cutting technology, architects can use virtually any type of material for making their architectural models. When paired with a high-quality firm like Antech Interiors, you get an extensive variety of materials at your disposal such as marble, granite, porcelain, wood, metal, and plenty more.

Intense precision, detailing and limitless options

With a laser cutting technology, no matter how intricate your designs are, there are almost no limits to what you can create – and, without using any other tool but the laser. When it comes to super intricate designs like various geometric shapes and filigree, the laser is the only way to go. Also, laser cutting offers a superb quality of engraving that comes with the exterior and surface textures. For architects, things aren’t only about a presentation per se; they are more about a stand-out performance, which is what they receive by using precise laser cutting.

Single tool usage

Traditional methods required a very complex set of tools for the models to come out flawless. Laser cutting is all about using a unique tool for the ultimate design cutting benefit. This universal tool is designed for everything from creating complex designs of various shapes,  and with multiple materials, regardless of their intricacy and complexity, or thickness. You can now have anything from beautiful medallions, mosaics and borders to floor vent covers, decorative screens, and kitchen backsplashes laser cut with exquisite precision with a single tool! Incredible, isn’t it?

Reduced cost of production and waste

Again, unlike traditional methods that came with a lot of shavings from model production, laser cutting does not produce shavings from the material. As you are aware, disposing of residues is pretty expensive, and laser cutting makes those costs a thing of the past. On that note, it’s not only that you are saving money on using a single tool for production, but you’re also saving it by reducing costs of shavings disposal. It’s a win-win!

They don’t have to invest in their own

While buying your own laser is a fantastic investment, most architects prefer not to have to do the cutting themselves. With so many fantastic laser cutting firms available, it’s easy to have your models’ laser cut quickly, affordable and – never miss a deadline for your presentation.

Reasons listed above sure show why laser cutting is an incredibly helpful tool for the architects, especially those who want to stand out with their design. Plus, everything’s more comfortable when you have a reputable laser cutting firm to help bring your plans to life.

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