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Frequently Asked Questions

Our website contains comprehensive information on the products, services, and solutions we provide. The frequently asked questions below are a quick reference for answers to the most common queries.

What materials do you work with?

Antech Interiors can work with a broad range of materials including: granite, marble, slate, limestone, porcelain, glazed ceramic, glass, mirrors, stainless steel, brass, bronze, copper, aluminum, wood, and most floor coverings including vinyl tile, sheet vinyl, rubber, linoleum, cork, carpeting and luxury floor laminates.

Do you do installations?

Antech Interiors provides complete, easy-to-understand installation kits intended to be used by the client’s skilled professional tradesmen.

How do you handle packaging and shipment?

The Antech Interiors team carefully organizes, packs, and crates your project no matter the size or complexity, making sure individual parts are well protected. Clients normally arrange for orders to be picked up, but if required, we can provide a quote for shipping.

Can you work from our CAD files?

We can work directly from your CAD files.

What file formats do you use?

Our programming department works primarily with vector-based drawing files from Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw, but JPEG, PDF, and TIFF files can also be used as drawing and material references.

Do you supply materials?

Clients often supply their own materials while Antech Interiors supplies the design and fabrication, but if needed we can supply a quote for the required materials as well.

What if a part breaks?

All projects are kept on our computer system, so on the rare occasion that a part is damaged or breaks, it can be easily replaced by referencing the part number on our diagram.

Do you outsource, or do you make everything?

All fabrication is done in-house.

Do you design?

Antech Interiors can create original designs through our in-house design service, or we can collaborate with designers to adapt their ideas for water-jet or laser fabrication. We can work with AutoCad, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, JEPG, PDF, and TIFF files. Even faxed drawings can be used as art, colour and material reference for custom design jobs.