1. Contact

    Image of of woman on the phone.

    Our clients mostly come from referrals, although some clients find us on our website and contact us by telephone or email. It’s always best to phone so we can begin developing a solid working relationship; it aids us in understanding a client’s needs and requirements. This communication helps us provide the best advice and the most accurate cost estimate. Of course, we always accept Request for Quote emails from clients who prefer an initial email contact.

  2. Plan and Budget

    Image of two consultation and planning meeting.

    Design, budget, delivery, materials and who supplies it are discussed in detail. These initial consultations help us develop a custom production program and cost estimate that results in the highest quality product at a price that meets our client’s demanding requirements.

  3. Order

    Image of a high-presure water-jet cutting marble.

    All orders are required to be in writing in as much detail as possible, usually by email. Once an order is received a Confirmation Email acknowledgement is sent. Orders are entered into our QB Online Computer System. The order along with all sketches, details, and instructions are then sent to our production department for processing. For complex orders a mockup diagram is produced for client approval; once approved, the order is put into production.

  4. Delivery

    Image of a finished medallion packed and ready for shipment.

    Our system delivers the most accurate and professional method for easily installing the most complicated designs. Once the order is produced, it is packed and shipped along with numbered and coded installation diagrams. All components are likewise numbered and coded so they easily relate to the installation diagrams provided for the client’s installer.